Rise & Grind Coffee Mug

  • $20.00

Whether you don’t like mornings or you like them too much, the “Rise & Grind” Mug is your perfect partner to welcome the day.

Pour your freshly brewed coffee in this clear glass mug and enjoy your morning elixir with the cute double-sided text design. The glass cup can hold 13 Oz of liquid, which makes it the perfect size.

Get ready for your routine or for a special event with your favorite mug in hand. You can also bring it to your office and keep it on your desk to make your workday a bit better.

Is your cup empty? You won’t have to look twice to know whether you need a refill. The transparent quality of the glass will allow for a clear view of when coffee needs to be poured again.

With all of that being said, the “Rise & Grind” mug is a thoughtful little present that you can offer to anyone who needs a boost in the morning, or to yourself in a nice pampering gesture.

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