Cozy Little Christmas | Ceramic Coffee Mug

  • $16.00
  • $22.00

Cozy up for Christmas with this Donut Shop cup

Warm-up your heart and your hands with Donut Shop’s adorable “Cozy Little Christmas” mug. You will not be able to pass on the opportunity to acquire this little jewel and add it to your collection of holiday cups.

A milky white matte exterior that is decorated with fir green squiggly text, this mug is lovely in so many ways. It reminds you of a snowy day out in a forest surrounded by Christmas trees or of a cozy snack with warm milk and chocolate-mint cookies. Not only is the design cute, it has a bottom part made of cork to prevent your hands from getting burned by your hot beverage. You can safely enjoy a steaming cup of coffee on a cold day while appreciating your drink in a mug that is a bit reminiscent of an acorn dipped in white chocolate.

This Donut Shop mug can also be a very cute Christmas gift to offer to one of your friends or family members who has a special appreciation for the event. They are sure to enjoy the unique, stylish look that the contrasting textures of the cup offer. However, what will really strike their heart if of course, the text design of the mug which will ready make them have a “Cozy Little Christmas”.